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One-of-a-kind chance to consult with a developmental behavioral pediatrician without the traditional 14-month wait time.

Appointments are available on demand!

100% personalized care plans

Board-certified child development physicians

Up to 70% reimbursable with all major insurance carriers.

Let's check your child's developmental health today!

Developmental care from the comfort of your home

Pathfinder Health offers a unique opportunity to skip the national average 14-month waitlist for in-person evaluations and consult with a developmental specialist from the comfort of your home today!

Virtual Developmental Health Evaluations

Early developmental health evaluations in children provide parents and caregivers with invaluable insight into the overall wellbeing of their child.


These evaluations can identify any potential issues or challenges that a child may be facing, while also providing access to resources and interventions that can help them overcome these obstacles.


Early detection of any difficulties a child may have allows for the implementation of an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically towards meeting their needs, enabling them to develop the skills they need to succeed in life. 

Proactive parenting is essential for providing kids with the best possible care and support during their development.

Comprehensive Developmental Health assessment over video

Same-week appointment availability

Diagnosis in 2 appointments

It’s as easy as this

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Download the Pathfinder Health app and take recommended clinical screenings

The earliest signs of developmental delay involve the absence of typical behaviors  — not the presence of atypical ones. Your baby might not present the signs in a quick 15-minute well-child visit.

Screening tests help find conditions early (even before symptoms begin) when they are easier to treat.

We make screenings available for your child based on guidance from developmental pediatricians to prevent alarms and reduce false positives.

15 min

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Book an appointment with Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Provide basic information like family history, development and health history using online questionnaire.

2-3 min

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Complete your first appointment

A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a link in the in-app chat to join the video call. Make sure that you are in an area with a strong cellular connection.

If you are a good candidate for care, your provider will ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment to finalize the diagnosis and discuss your treatment plan. 

60 min

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Get personalized care plan 

Ensure that your baby is on track for development with personalized care plans from a trusted professional through the convenience of telehealth diagnosis.

60 min

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Continue care through Pathfinder Health

You can manage your regular follow-ups by booking and rescheduling your appointments through the app. If you have any questions or need to contact your provider, use our in-app chat to message your care team.

30 min

Who’s on your care team?

Your care team is led by a board-certified pediatricians, with 25+ years of experience in child development.

Paul Patterson - Square.jpg

Paul Patterson,


Board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Untitled design (21).jpg

Eric Flake,


Board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Untitled design (1).png

Reba Troxler

Developmental psychologist with a background in child development and education research.

Untitled design (2).png

Kavita Naik Cherry

Board-certified occupational therapist and clinical expert in pediatrics.

Untitled design (3).png

Emily Tower

Board-certified physical therapist and clinical expert in developmental pediatrics.

Untitled design (20).jpg

Sanjana Jayaram

Board-certified speech language pathologist with clinical experience in pediatrics.

Get peace of mind without having to leave the house. 

We help families get the support they need, when they need it. Make an appointment today and see one of our specialists for a consultation.

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"We were starting to question our son's development. The app really gave us the courage to speak up more boldly for our son to get early intervention."

— Kerri Jeter

Appointments are available on demand!

Don't wait 14 months for a regular in-person appointment with a developmental behavioral specialist. We use telehealth appointments – virtually, from the comfort of home.

Board-certified child development physicians

Our physicians are board-certified, with advanced training in child development.

100% personalized care plans

Our team of experts create individualized treatment plans specifically designed to meet your  child's needs.

30-min appointments & ongoing support

Our team offers personalized 30-minute appointments and continued support to make sure you get the help you need when it matters most.

Used by 25,000+ parents worldwide

What Parents Say

"I noticed my daughter was favoring one side of her body. The Pathfinder app gave me the confidence and language to use with my pediatrician to voice my concern."
Leah G.
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Up to 70% reimbursed with major insurance carriers.

Don't wait 14 months for an in-person appointment with a developmental behavioral specialist — schedule a virtual evaluation today!

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Still have questions?

Our team is here to help.

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