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Get rich patient data at your fingertips

Overcome the bottlenecks, blind spots, and biases that lead to a delayed diagnosis for 85% of children currently living with a developmental delay. Be confident that you’re not missing anything important with never-before-seen insights.

How Pathfinder Can Help...


Pathfinder’s tools  provides more clarity to the child’s underlying developmental trend, allowing pediatricians to be more confident making an early decision

Get a longitudinal development summary through Pathfinder clinical dashboards and interval history; including, video records of the child achieving milestones or displaying concerns.

Videos objectively analyzed using models created by our interdisciplinary clinical team.

Pathfinder users have over 85% adherence to AAP screening guidelines.

What you're up against


20% of U.S. kids have developmental disorders (including autism)

1 in 5 (1).png

Only 17% of children receive standardized developmental screening


Only 3% get early intervention


of all US counties lack any autism diagnostic resources

1 in 5.png

children don't get the developmental care they need each year

How it works

Step 4.

Get alerted when there is a problem

We will alert you if your patient misses milestones or shows signs of developmental delay

Step 2.

Invite your patients

Parents and daycare's input (screening results and daily logs) will automatically populate your dashboard

Step 1.

Sign up
Immediate practice integration

Step 5.

Initiate a conversation with parents

Quick access to parent emailsYou can record your feedback in the dashboard ahead of your appointment

Step 6.

Go into a well-child visit with a plan

Review interval history and clinical screening results in seconds before each well-child visit

Step 3.

Automated screening & continual monitoring

Get a longitudinal view of your patient and see actual accomplishments in monthly milestone highlight reels

Built for pediatricians, 
by pediatricians

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