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Get better parent compliance than ever before

Pathfinder helps minimize non-billable hours by activating parent data collection for higher-quality interactions and pairing in the office.

Increase in Net Collections by 25%

At Pathfinder, data is just the beginning. With insights, you can change more lives.

Increase patient progress

Start your sessions with insights rather than data collection with objective data that parents are engaged to capture outside the practice for you.

Easier Reauthorizations

Stay on top of insurance authorizations with holistic patient data to avoid any stops in service that disrupt cashflow and hurt provider satisfaction.

Higher reimbursement

Eliminate non-billable hours and claim higher collections by actually being able to focus the highest quality patient interactions possible.

Setting up my clients took minutes but the payoff has been ten-fold! I am able to see parents' responses in real time and then have meaningful parent training sessions.


This has cut down on repeatedly printing and explaining data collection methods and therefore I have less non-billable and more billable hours.


— Multi-location ABA Practice Owner

Pathfinder has you covered

Using Pathfinder, you can instantly access SWYC and M-CHAT clinical screening results, milestones, and data (notes, photos, and videos) uploaded directly by parents and daycare. You can understand more about a child's development in just 30 seconds than you could from a 30-min appointment. 

App for Parents 


Therapist's Dashboard



Uncover the blind spots

Get a longitudinal development summary through Pathfinder clinical dashboards and interval history; including, video records of the child achieving milestones or displaying concerns.


Increase the Screening rates 

Pathfinder users have over 85% adherence to AAP screening guidelines.

How it works

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Want to transform the standard of care in pediatrics?


Disclaimer: The information on this site are not designed to and do not provide medical advice, formal autism evaluation, formal developmental evaluation, professional diagnosis, or treatment. The information is NOT intended to replace consultation with your child's pediatrician or a qualified mental health professional.

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