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Turn your videos into healthcare insights

Developmental monitoring revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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Caring for your children with technology

Our state-of-the-art technology can accurately detect any and all types of milestones from the videos you upload – even those that are tricky to assess, and tells you if anything looks odd. Then, it pieces these short clips together into a highlight reel for your physician! 



Accurately detect milestones

AI can sort through data, identify trends, and highlight anything notable far more efficiently than any human. 



Turn identified milestones into sharable video clips.

Instead of sending your healthcare provider hours of raw videos, you'll get a video snippet to share only detected milestones.

Isn't Manual Tracking Good Enough?

The current model of milestone tracking depends almost entirely on parent observation, interpretation, and reporting, which can lead to assessment errors.

Healthcare providers need timely access to reliable and unbiased data.

It is difficult to assess the child's development in a short time period during well-child checks. I wish I could see videos or have more time with the children.

— Physician (Pathfinder Health survey, November 2023)

Best-in-class computer vision to interpret behaviors.

Pathfinder Health's proprietary computer vision algorithms interpret optical data into virtual skeletons, which are used by AI to understand and analyze children's behaviors.


Upload videos

All you have to do is upload your clips and let our software work its magic.

Get the peace of mind knowing that your precious memories aren’t just heartwarming, but also helpful.


Receive healthcare insights and guidance

Thanks to revolutionary technology, you can now sit back and watch as Pathfinder Health automatically detects your little one’s milestones from all the videos your upload.

The anomaly detection allows the system to immediately spot and classify unusual events and bring them to your attention. Say goodbye to endless milestone tracking, and stay focused on your child's developmental health. 

Share reels with your child's physician

With Smart Detection, your physician can understand more about your child's development in 30 seconds than they could from a 1-hour appointment. 


"I would absolutely show this to my pediatrician, especially if I had questions on behaviors because you’re not always going to see the behaviors in a clinical setting."

— Jessica Z.


Best-in-class security

We never sell your data, provide it for advertising purposes, or allow third parties to use it to train their models.

Parents trust us with their children's data, and we earn their trust by putting data security and privacy at the core of our business and our product. We will always go to great lengths to ensure user data is encrypted, private, and secure.

We store all data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your data is always safe.

The future of healthcare is here

Join the waitlist for the biggest innovation in developmental pediatrics in over a century!


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Disclaimer: The information on this site is not designed to and do not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, or treatment. The information is NOT intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.

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