A collaborative child development tracker for you and your care team

Pathfinder Health aims to improve the way early pediatric care is delivered and will help parents better understand their child's development.

We can provide the right guidance and support when concerns are identified through building solutions that increase access to screening and diagnostic tools. 

Through the use of technology, new care models, and unique partnerships with leading care and research centers, we will increase screening rates and diagnose sooner, leading to faster care and better outcomes.

From Worry to Care in Weeks,

Not Years

"It takes a village to raise a child." Your child's care team is your Village, and through Pathfinder, this unit can connect and collaborate to achieve earlier data tracking, earlier intervention, and earlier diagnosis for your child. This leads to quicker care plan creation, lower long-term needs, and ultimately greater normalcy for your family.  
Pathfinder offers a place to begin for all parents. The main challenges many encounter when seeking clinical advice on child development is the lack of specialist availability and lengthy appointment waiting periods. Pathfinder meets these challenges as a tool that can be used from home, daycare, or anywhere. In addition to time recovered, cost is reduced as this service amounts to less than your annual co-pays. Together, we can help you get from concern to care in as little as 8 weeks, not years.

The Team

CEO & Founder

Product Manager


Pediatrician co-created

Meet our advisors.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Madigan Army Medical Center

Director at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Director at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Chief Executive Officer at binx health

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