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Through the use of technology, new care models, and unique partnerships with leading care and research centers, we will increase screening rates and diagnose sooner, leading to faster care and better outcomes.


Every child deserves a chance to reach their full potential. 

You’re in the right place if....

You’re looking for peace of mind as a parent–you want to know that you have a complete and accurate picture of your child’s development and will receive the encouragement and resources you need to help your child reach their fullest potential. 

Every child I come across, I should have seen earlier. I can see Pathfinder getting us there.
— EIS Provider

I wish this was available when my first child was born.
— Marisol F. | Parent user

Pathfinder revolutionizes the way clinicians assess progress and recommend interventions.
— Elizabeth Perkins, MD FAAP


Our Mission

Our mission is to help children thrive and make early intervention possible for every child. 

The hard truth


28% of US children are at-risk for developmental delays


The national average wait time for developmental pediatric evaluations is over 6 months.

The main challenge many parents encounter when seeking clinical advice is the lack of specialist availability and lengthy appointment waiting periods.

Source: National Library of Medicine


Only 3% receive early intervention.

​Only 3% are diagnosed early (before they turn 3) and receive early intervention when the brain has the highest neuroplasticity.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics


Too many children are not getting the help they need because of the way the system is currently set up. 


The first signs of developmental delays involve the absence of typical behaviors — not the presence of atypical ones. Too often, pediatricians don't have enough time or training to perform developmental screenings during well-child checkups. This leads to delays in identifying developmental problems. 

It’s easy to notice things babies do that are unusual. It’s harder to notice things that are missing.

— Dr. Turner-Brown

According to the AAP, less than 17% of children receive the recommended screenings for developmental delays. And children who do receive the recommended screenings, only get assessed 4 times during their first 5 years, which can lead to developmental delays going undiagnosed.

Pathfinder Health is changing that. We are making well-child checkups more valuable and helping pediatricians identify developmental delays faster. Our app provides pediatricians and parents with an easy way to screen for developmental delay concerns and offers parents personalized feedback about their child's development.

Pathfinder Health

Pathfinder Health is an app designed by pediatricians for parents. We provide evidence-based clinical tools needed to support children's development age 0-5.


With our simple and easy-to-use interface, we make it easy for you and your partner (or any other caregiver) to track your child’s development in real-time. 

The insights and evidence you gain through the Pathfinder app also facilitate communication with your physician, contributing to earlier diagnoses. 

We also provide step-by-step guidance on how you can best interact with your child based on their current stage of development as well as links to additional information, evidence-based developmental activities, articles, parenting tips, and early intervention services in your area so you can get the help your child might need.

If a child has a special need that affects their development, it is best not to take a “wait and see” approach. Getting professional help early can make a tremendous difference in child’s quality of life, their learning, and their later development.


Together, we can help you get from concern to care in as little as 8 weeks, not years.


Our Story

Pathfinder Health was launched in October 2020 by Samar Parikh and Paul Patterson. 


Both Samar and Paul have extensive backgrounds in healthcare and technology, which they put to use in developing Pathfinder Health. Their mission is to empower parents with clinically-validated tools to help their children reach their fullest potential. 

Pathfinder - Instagram - 1_edited.png
Samar Parikh,
Co-Founder & CEO

Samar spent 6 years at Amazon, where he helped lead Amazon’s entry into the healthcare field, including pharmacy services. In 2019, Samar launched D8aDriven, a ML/AI-based ecommerce optimization software company. He has also served on corporate boards and is an advisor to other health and technology startups.

Untitled design.png
Paul Patterson,
Co-Founder & CMO

In addition to his role at Pathfinder, Paul is a board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.


As one of only 800 developmental-behavioral pediatricians in the United States, Paul is uniquely positioned to help those who are struggling the most. 

Hans Kullberg,
Co-founder & Head of Product

Hans is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on building value for customers using a data-driven approach.  His strength comes from leading new initiatives from the idea phase to Go-to-Market execution in the Finance, Education, Payments and Health Care industries.


Prior to joining Pathfinder Health, Hans led an innovation team at Visa, transforming mobile phones into Point-of-Sale devices through a cloud-based, software-first approach.

Meet our clinical team.

Reba Troxler

Developmental psychologist with a background in child development and education research.

Kavita Naik Cherry

Board-certified occupational therapist and clinical expert in pediatrics.

Emily Tower

Board-certified physical therapist and clinical expert in developmental pediatrics.

Sanjana Jayaram

Board-certified speech language pathologist with clinical experience in pediatrics.


Meet our advisors.

Avni Santani, PhD

Chief Medical Officer at Veritas Genetics

CleanShot 2022-09-22 at 19.16.29_2x.png
Hakon Hakonarson, MD, PhD

Director at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Niki Vaswani

Vice President at

Health First

Our Tenets

Relentlessly serve parents and anticipate their needs. Ensure every interaction is simple, intuitive, and provides value. 
Leverage technology to make a lasting impact at scale. Use it to amplify the social and clinical benefits we can deliver. 
Our customers and partners can rely on us implicitly and we will never violate their trust. Build a culture of trust and transparency across the organization and user community.
Deliver personalized and action-oriented knowledge, insights, and recommendations that all caregivers love.
We tackle complex problems. Bring clarity to complexity and demonstrate smart ways to simplify understanding of our clinical data-driven models.
Build an empowered, inclusive, and interactive community. 

Be part of our mission! 

We believe every child deserves an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Join us in making this a reality.

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