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Access to accurate development health data has never been easier.

Collect remote developmental health data, visualize trends with ease, identify developmental concerns early, deliver the highest quality of care, and create additional revenue streams—without overburdening your care teams.

Improve patients' outcomes and grow your practice.

Provide better care

Get access to all your patients' critical developmental health data in near-real time and provide better care.

Grow your practice

Bill CPT codes and get reimbursed for remote patient monitoring and screenings. Up to $50-75k per Provider.

Easy installation

Integrate within 3 hours. Plus, it’s compatible with virtually every EHR system.

All-in-one platform for Remote Developmental Monitoring

Using Pathfinder, you can instantly access SWYC and M-CHAT-R/F clinical screening results, milestones, and data (notes, photos, and videos) uploaded directly by parents and daycare. You can understand more about a child's development in just 30 seconds than you could from a 30-min appointment. 

App for Parents 


Physicians' Dashboard



Uncover the blind spots

Get a longitudinal development summary through Pathfinder clinical dashboards and interval history; including, video records of the child achieving milestones or displaying concerns.


Increase the Screening rates 

Pathfinder users have over 85% adherence to AAP screening guidelines.

The app could potentially be a breakthrough in how we monitor infants-children.

— Michael H.T. Sia, MD, MPH, FAAP

What Parents Say

"I noticed my daughter was favoring one side of her body. Pathfinder gave me the confidence and language to use with my pediatrician to voice my concern."

— Leah G.

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Empowering parents. Enabling physicians. Ensuring better outcomes.

Pathfinder Health app is a starting point towards helping children receive the developmental support they may need. It revolutionizes the way clinicians assess progress and recommend interventions.


"Every child I come across, I should have seen earlier. I can see Pathfinder getting us there."

— EIS Provider

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

  • Better decision making. The information about a child’s development is only a click away: completed milestones, screening results, parents concerns. 

  • Data-driven discussions & intervention. Once data is reviewed, you can go into the visit with the plan. Accurate, up-to-date, and thorough information naturally leads to a higher quality of care, from better diagnoses to reduced errors.

Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Immediate practice integration. Simple implementation and effortless integration into your medical routine. All you need to do is to register and add your patients.

  • Increased productivity & efficiency. Time savings with well-organized information will help your practice see more patients, generate more revenue, reduce miscommunication with parents and paperwork. 


View your entire population at a glance. So you can prioritize your outreach on patients who have high level readings.


Increase revenue

  • Referrals. An efficient practice not only saves time and money but can also bring in more referrals.

- Reduce wait times and the overall time patients spend in your office. Shorter office visits also reduce patients’ exposure to illnesses carried by other patients.
- Show parents you have their children's best interests in mind. 
- Help lower potential health care costs. Intervention is more effective and less costly when developmental delays are identified earlier in life rather than later.


  • Increase in billing. Bill for the SWYC/MCHAT screenings assessments.

Support consistent revenue generation

The 4 CPT codes are supported and can become a new revenue stream for you as a provider. Supported CPT codes are below:


Standard Screening tool detailing assessment of child's developmental milestones and potential developmental delays: all states qualify.

National reimbursement average for 2024: $15 per patient


Post-Partum Depression Screening, specifically targeting the health and well-being of the caregiver, not the patient directly: 21 states qualify.

National reimbursement average for 2024: $8 per patient


Patient-focused health risk assessment for comprehensive neurodevelopmental testing and evaluation: 25 states qualify.

National reimbursement average for 2024: $43 per patient


Developmental Surveillance. Used for general surveillance of a child's development during a well-child visit, often involving observation, parent interview and brief developmental assessment tools. 

National reimbursement average for 2024: $35 per patient

EHR/EMR Integration

Pathfinder Health integrates with virtually every EHR platform, so you can access patient data without needing to access a different interface. 

Want to transform the standard of care in pediatrics?

Built for pediatricians, 
by pediatricians

Paul Patterson, MD, FAAP
Co-Founder & CMO

In addition to his role at Pathfinder, Paul is a board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. In this capacity, he works with families of children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disabilities and mental health disorders, including cerebral palsy, autism, genetic syndromes, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

As a parent of a child with developmental delays, Paul is particularly passionate about empowering parents and advocating for their children. As one of only 800 developmental-behavioral pediatricians in the country, he is uniquely positioned to help those who are struggling the most. 

Reba Troxler

Developmental psychologist with a background in child development and education research.

Kavita Naik Cherry

Board-certified occupational therapist and clinical expert in pediatrics.

Emily Tower

Board-certified physical therapist and clinical expert in developmental pediatrics.

Sanjana Jayaram

Board-certified speech language pathologist with clinical experience in pediatrics.

Disclaimer: The information on this site are not designed to and do not provide medical advice, formal autism evaluation, formal developmental evaluation, professional diagnosis, or treatment. The information is NOT intended to replace consultation with your child's pediatrician or a qualified mental health professional.

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