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Cutting Pediatric Healthcare Costs for Employers

Pathfinder reduces pediatric care expenses by 50%, enhances employee productivity, and supports early diagnosis of developmental delays from Day Zero.

For you

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Cost Reduction & Prevention

Lowers healthcare expenses through proactive health management, achieving significant 8:1 ROI by addressing developmental delays early.

Family Health & Wellness

Supports family well-being with evidence-based guidance to maximize each child’s developmental potential, including virtual diagnosis if concerns are present. 

Productivity & Engagement

Enhances employee productivity and reduces absenteeism by empowering parents to advocate for their children’s health.

Personalized Care

Provides timely, customized care with resources, webinars, and daily activities for parent-led interventions based on the child’s unique progress. Parents & Caregivers have informed discussions with their pediatrician as all data is automatically synced with medical records. 

If the kids aren’t alright, neither are your employees


Therapy costs $1.2M more if Autism is diagnosed at 5 vs. 2 years old.


70% of children with undiagnosed delays develop mental health issues later in life.


1 in 5 children have a developmental delay.


Parents wait 22 months on average for developmental care.

The main challenge many parents encounter when seeking clinical advice is the lack of specialist availability and lengthy appointment waiting periods.

Source: National Library of Medicine


50% of working parents lose significant productivity due to kids’ behavioral health issues.

Pathfinder Health

Pathfinder Health is an app designed by pediatricians for parents. We provide evidence-based clinical tools needed to support children's development age 0-5.


With our simple and easy-to-use interface, we make it easy for parents (or any other caregiver) to track their children’s development in real-time. 

The insights and evidence they gain through the Pathfinder app also facilitate communication with their physician, contributing to earlier diagnoses. 

We also provide step-by-step guidance on how parents can best interact with their children based on their current stage of development as well as links to additional information, evidence-based developmental activities, articles, parenting tips, and early intervention services in their area so they can get the help their children might need.


Together, we can help parents get from concern to care in as little as 8 weeks, not years.


What Parents Say

"I noticed my daughter was favoring one side of her body. Pathfinder gave me the confidence and language to use with my pediatrician to voice my concern."

— Leah G.

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Trusted by 200k+ parents

"Pathfinder empowers employers to reduce healthcare costs, strengthen employee productivity, increase retention & make a meaningful difference in the lives of children & those who love them."


90% of Parents feel more confident being the best advocate for their child after using Pathfinder Health

Source: Pathfinder Health survey, 2022


Free therapy

If diagnosed before the Age of 3, the majority of therapy costs are paid for by federal dollars

Let’s get working families support, together

Built for parents, 
by pediatricians

Paul Patterson, MD, FAAP
Co-Founder & CMO

In addition to his role at Pathfinder, Paul is a board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. In this capacity, he works with families of children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disabilities and mental health disorders, including cerebral palsy, autism, genetic syndromes, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

As a parent of a child with developmental delays, Paul is particularly passionate about empowering parents and advocating for their children. As one of only 800 developmental-behavioral pediatricians in the country, he is uniquely positioned to help those who are struggling the most. 

Reba Troxler

Developmental psychologist with a background in child development and education research.

Kavita Naik Cherry

Board-certified occupational therapist and clinical expert in pediatrics.

Emily Tower

Board-certified physical therapist and clinical expert in developmental pediatrics.

Sanjana Jayaram

Board-certified speech language pathologist with clinical experience in pediatrics.

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