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Ensure your child is meeting developmental milestones on schedule all the while having more fun and forming a stronger bond with your baby.

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No other app I've seen yet combines journaling with milestone tracking and screening. I like that you can also add all caregivers since parents aren't always the ones watching their child's behavior.
— Parent user

I wish this was available when my first child was born.
— Marisol F. | Parent user

Pathfinder keeps my husband and I well-informed about our sons’ new achievements even when we are not there to witness a milestone"
— Elizabeth P., MD FAAP

I love that you have everything organized in one place; because between so many things like doctors’ advice and papers distributed, you might not be able to easily go back and check what you should be looking out for. With Pathfinder, you don't have to search a million different things in Google.
— Bethany H. | Parent user

The current system is broken.

Developmental delays and disabilities such as autism affect 1 in 5 children. Yet, only 1 in 30 get the help they need before age 3. This means most children receive treatments after the critical early intervention window when most of the major brain structures are mature, and it becomes more difficult (and expensive) to make significant changes.

Your child's developmental health is guesswork.
Every child is different, and the Internet is full of advice from unqualified people. There are lots of gray areas and the game changes daily as your children grow.

You miss out on a lot of major milestones.
When you're a working parent, you child spends more time with a nanny or in daycare than with you, and you worry caregivers might miss the signs of developmental delays. 

Developmental delays are easily missed even by doctors.
In a quick 15-minute rare visits to your pediatrician, lengthy developmental screenings are often overlooked*, your concerns may be downplayed or ignored.


— Less than 33% adherence to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) developmental screening guidelines.

It takes too long to get the help you need.
 When a problem is identified, the wait* for services may exceed the window of opportunity for the best treatment outcomes.


— The national average wait time for developmental pediatric evaluations is approximately 5 months. 

1 in 5

U.S. kids age 2-8 suffers from mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder.
(source: CDC)

Only 20% to 25% of affected children receive treatment.

(source: AAP)

Missing critical developmental milestones should not be overlooked because they may represent initial indicators of a developmental delay.

Did you know that your child has to reach 450+ developmental milestones before they turn 5 years old? It's just too many to keep track of. As a parent, you don’t have that time – and you don’t need that stress.


Let us do the worrying, so you can focus on parenting.

Pathfinder has you covered

Pathfinder Health is the only app that empowers you to effectively track your child's development against CDC and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) clinical guidelines, identify red flags, and helps you provide data-driven inputs to your primary care provider.

All while connecting with your family, developing relationships with caregivers, doing fun everyday activities, and forming a stronger bond with your baby.

Together, we can help you get the help you might need in as little as 8 weeks, not years.

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Designed by pediatricians — for parents.

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How it works


Step 1.

Download the app
And start receiving guidance for logging data on your child's development.


Step 4.

Collaborate with your Village
Ask your little one's caregivers to post daily, and stay informed about your child's development when you're not with them.


Step 2.

Add your Village
Add your daycare, nanny, grandparents, and all who care for your child.


Step 5.

Do ASQ®-3/M-CHAT screenings
Screening will help determine if your child is meeting the appropriate milestones for their age.


Step 3.

Post regularly
Upload photos and videos, add your observations and concerns, check suggested milestones. The more you post the better.


Step 6.

Invite you physician
Our app allows your physician to track your child's progress and intervene immediately if there are any concerns.

Empowering parents. Enabling physicians. Ensuring better outcomes.

Pathfinder Health is a fresh new way to look after your little one's development and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before. Set your child up for developmental success — catch the first signs of developmental delays, provide clinical data to your physician, and get intervention faster.


Capture your little one's precious moments.

Development tracking shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun and easy.


  • Daily journal your precious memories while recording what matters from a clinical perspective. Let us do the worrying, while you do the parenting. We'll notify you if something doesn't look right.

  • Start receiving guidance from the moment your child is born to comfortably monitor their development and help them meet milestones.

  • Get personalized evidence-based recommendations on how to better connect with your child.

Get a holistic view of your child.

  • Add your daycare, nanny, grandparents, and all who care for your child (your Village), and stay informed about your child's development when you're not with them.

    Your child will receive much better care thanks to all the detailed information left by your baby's caregivers and automatically transmitted to you and your pediatrician.


  • Feel closer to your baby, even when you're at work. Instantly get your child's photos and achievements from the caregivers to your Village feed.


Take quick and friendly clinical screenings

Never be rushed to answer all of the questions about your child's development at your physician's office ever again.

Screening #1:
Ages & Stages Questionnaires®

ASQ®-3 is the easiest and most accurate way to pinpoint delays early and celebrate children’s milestones.


ASQ-3 is recommended by top organizations such as the American Academy of Neurology, First Signs, and The Child Neurology Society and is used across the world by health care practices, social workers, and more.


Screening #2:
The M-CHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers ™)

The checklist can help you determine if a professional should evaluate your child.


This simple autism screen, available in our app, takes only a few minutes. If the answers suggest your child has a high probability of autism, please consult with your child’s doctor.

Have a pediatrician in the palm of your hand.

Don't wait for an appointment, add your physician to the app, and chat when it's convenient for your schedule. They can see your child's progress and have a data-driven discussion.


Your doctor also gets a notification when something looks off and can initiate a conversation!


Get referrals more quickly, or get alerted for when to self-refer to Early Intervention Services (EIS).

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30 seconds a day for a lifetime of benefits.

* — for a limited time

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