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Helping parents easily connect to EIS

Pathfinder Health helps Early Intervention Centers identify more children and receive referrals with all the data you need upfront while reducing costs and workload

  • Do you need to increase your reach to connect to more families in need?

  • Need to understand which children may be most at risk amongst your population?


Reach more children with delays for screening, evaluation, etc.

Proactively identify children & improve Population Health

Save on Processing costs (time & money)

Prioritize higher at-risk children that need an earlier evaluation

Do you...

Pathfinder's Solution

Spend too much time processing paperwork and scoring screenings?

See parents struggling to recall all milestone accomplishments on the spot during visits?

Miss seeing certain families due to travel restrictions / long distances?

Notice limited parental awareness of Early Intervention center location, or families not knowing they can self-refer?

Find it hard to proactively identify which children are at-risk and most vulnerable to delays?

Pathfinder's software-based screenings automatically score and provide underlying data with a click of a button.

Early Intervention specialists can receive results & interpretations as soon as a parent updates milestones and screeners taken from the comfort of their own home

Take the initiative to target at-risk children–leveraging red flags for outreach - wherever they may be located

Pathfinder’s database covers over 3,000 centers in all 50 states, showcasing the closest Early Intervention center

Receive information from parents before they even schedule an evaluation to proactively identify at-risk children and improve population health

Stressed Woman
Korean Bus
Mothers and their Baby
Happy Family

Book a meeting and see if Pathfinder is right for you!

Book a meeting to see how Pathfinder can help.  Increase your reach 4x to identify more children in need while reducing the costs of screening up to 30%.  Let's work together to create something impactful.

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