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 Thursday, October 27 2022 | 3:00pm PST 

Wine Tasting & Supporting The Working Parents

Virtual Happy Hour | Featuring In Good Taste


Join us and industry experts as we delve into what the Employee Value Proposition of a company can do to attract, retain, and engage working parents.  


In the current climate innovative and wellness-centric approaches are a must-have for high-performing organizations to have a successful talent strategy.  


With working parents being highly susceptible to changing jobs for better benefits, work-life balance, or a more supportive culture, what can you do to curate an outward appearance and supportive culture to stand out?

We will be diving into this topic, and more ways to enhance the employee experience for this core group that makes up 50% of our workforce and is calling for more support.  


Seats are limited, so be sure to sign up today!

Pathfinder Health is joining forces with In Good Taste to bring a virtual wine-tasting event to those passionate about culture and the employee experience.  

Once you register (below), we will ship you 4 mini bottles of In Good Taste wines to enjoy during the event.

Try various wines and hear from our tasting expert from the comfort of your home.

You're Invited!

The Host has booked this online experience for 25 guests. Claim your seat below to join the group!

Date and Time

3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST · Thu, October 27

Zoom Meeting

60 mins  ·  Hosted in English



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Mike Gibbens

Pathfinder Health

Mike is a passionate employee advocate. Prior to joining Pathfinder Mike has helped several companies greatly expand their offerings and grow their revenue, such as WorkHuman, which has become a leading influence in the space of diversity and inclusion.



Samar Parikh

Pathfinder Health

Samar Parikh is the CEO and co-founder of Pathfinder Health, a new app that helps parents keep track of their child's development and detect potential problems early. Prior to Pathfinder, Samar spent six years at Amazon, where he helped lead the company's entry into the healthcare.


Kenna Cottrill

Virgin Orbit

Kenna focuses on projects that help people maximize their potential to work better together and change the systems they are a part of. Previously, she worked in healthcare and higher education.

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Katie Scott

Katie Scott Consulting

Katie has over 20 years of experience leading teams to design and deliver exceptional
compensation and benefits programs across both public and private organizations.


Virtual Tasting Include

4 mini bottles of wines from California, France, and Italy

General, high-level knowledge about how to taste wines, fun facts and wine trivia about the grape and region where the wines are harvested, and a deep dive into all 4 wines, led by a professional representative from In Good Taste wines.

Pathfinder Health

Pathfinder Health is like having a developmental pediatrician in parents’ pockets — providing parents with peace of mind about their child’s development, helping make the most of their time with their little ones, and reducing the stress that comes with these early and critical years of life (0-5 years). 


Through the use of clinically validated and evidence-based tools, parents know exactly how their child is doing and are immediately connected to resources when concerns are identified. Pathfinder also provides personalized evidence-based activities and anticipatory guidance to help parents enhance their child's development. Our mission is to keep parents informed on the many different achievements and trends specific to their child to help monitor and anticipate development.  


Pathfinder helps empower parents, enable physicians, and ensure better outcomes. The insights and evidence gained through the Pathfinder app also facilitate better communication with physicians and intervention services, reducing the time from concern to care.


Together, we can help ensure every child reaches their fullest potential.

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